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Story lines include:

“Give me that old time Religion” -A ranch is purchased by a well respected and nationally known group of missionaries as a training facility. At first it seems like a very clean cut group of folks. Then, when a young woman escapes and tells a very sinister story of abuse, the Dark Siders are called in to investigate. They are split in their opinions of the missionary group.. Solomon thinks that they are on the up and up and Cassady thinks they are dirty. Both decide that in order to prove their point, they should go undercover to the missionary trianing school. When they first arrive, there is not much to see. Then when they subject themselves fully to the will of the cult’s leaders they find a group of young people who have been brainwashed and forced through fear tactics, to work in unsafe conditions for the profit of the organization.

“A pain in the neck” -A vampire club takes their fun a little too far. Led by a character they believe to be Vlad the Impaler re-encarnated, a group of Dracula want-to-be’s take their initiation into this dark world very seriously. The requirements for getting into this club make fraternity hazing look like child’s play. This story begins with the Dark Siders’ discovery of a murder victim whose blood is drained, and strangely enough, missing. Then two more victims are found, impaled on stakes. Detective Solomon’s teenage daughter is kidnaped by the group. Now the Dark Siders must find this club and shut it down before they kill Solomon’s daughter.

“Turn about is Fair Play” -While working on an undercover operation, the Dark Siders are called back to the station by their boss. A Psychic has come forward to ask for help with a vision. a child has been kidnapped and left to die. The Dark Siders have very little time to find the little girl and save her from dying. As it turns out, even though the kidnapping is true and they do save the little girl, the whole thing is a distraction from the real crime. The Psychic was working with the group that the Dark Siders had infiltrated. The kidnapping was designed to take them away from the sting operation so that they could finish their bigger crime undetected.

“Deprogramming” -A family comes to the dark siders for help in “kidnaping” their teenage son from a cult compound, against his will. The boy is hypontized and deprogrammed. The end of the episode, the Dark Siders see that the family is simply another kind of a cult.

“There goes the neighborhood” -A community is paralyzed with fear as a cult moves in up the street. When the neighborhood’s animals dissappear and one is found mutilated, the Dark Siders step in. Since there is no evidence to conclude that the “cult” had anything to do with the animals, there is nothing the Dark Siders can do. Believing in evil is protected under freedom of religion. Still, the neighbors keep the pressure on for the “cult” to move out of the neighborhood. At the end of the episode, the neighborhood pets have been found or return and the “cult” has moved out of the neighborhood. Everyone feels like they may well have misjudged this group of folks. The Dark Siders follow a tip back to the cult house and they discover a woman from the neighborhood has been killed and ritualistically mutilated in the basement.