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Morbid Curiosity
series proposal
13 one hour episodes from
Sky City Productions

Morbid Curiosity, a magazine series from Sky City Productions, explores the gripping realm of death.

Concept Outline
Clearly, we are all fascinated by death and the ceremony and circumstances that surround it. Often the best stories begin with a dead body, an autopsy, a burial or a cemetery. It is these grisly mysteries, people, places and things that make up the compelling tales of this series.

Morbid Curiosity will be comprised of segments about:

· Fascinating corpse adventure stories
· Recent forensic exploration of Historical Figures
· Recent Discoveries and Examination of bodies and bones
· Contemporary and Historical Death Rituals and Ceremonies
· Contemporary stories of strange deaths and strange ways of dying

Morbid Curiosity

Sky City Productions
Segment Examples
Facinating Corpse Adventure Stories

After the death of his father a Houston, Texas man had the body sent to a near-by funeral home. When the cost for the arrangements ran more than the son could pay the funeral home director refused to let the services take place. The deceased father lay at the home for some time. When the son still could not cover the full cost of the services the funeral home decided to take action. The father was wrapped in a sheet and placed on the son&Mac226;s front porch while he was away at work. The body lay, unattended on the porch in the hot Houston weather for several hours until the stunned son returned home. When the story ran in the local newspapers a slightly more sympathetic funeral home offered to burry the father free of charge.

Recently a cryonics lab in California found itself in a bit of hot water. Saul Kent, president of the Life Extension Foundation and a founder of the New York Cryonics Society, took his terminally ill mother, Dora Kent, to a cryonics company called Alcor. The eighty-three year old Dora was held at Alcor for about a day and a half without medication or nourishment. When she eventually died the cryogenic procedure was performed. Her head was severed from her body and frozen. Since no doctor was present and the coroner was never notified, authorities want to learn if she was dead when the procedure took place and whether or not she gave her permission to be frozen. An autopsy on Dora&Mac226;s body proved inconclusive and her head has been misplaced. Alcor has refused to comment and the head remains somewhere unknown.

Over 200 real human corpses and body parts have been touring Europe and Japan. The water and other fluids of the bodies have been drained and replaced with a silicone and plastic solution to keep them fresh and natural looking. The body parts are displayed to portray various diseases and states of health. The corpses are posed in different positions to show how bones and muscles work. One corpse is standing with his skin thrown over his arm like an overcoat. Even though many visitors to the exhibit pass out and/or get sick, several museums have had to stay open twenty-four hours a day to accommodate the demand for tickets.
Morbid Curiosity

Sky City Productions
Segment Examples

Recent forensic exploration of Historical Figures

In November of 1873 Alfred G. Packer led a group of twenty-one men into the gold fields near Breckenridge Colorado. After three months of unusually bad winter weather Packer struck off with five other men who were equally unwilling to wait out the snow. Sixty-six days later only Packer emerged from the mountains. He was accused of murder and cannibalism after the spring thaw exposed evidence that contradicted his story of the other men&Mac226;s demise. He was sentenced to forty years in prison and finally paroled in 1901. Recently forensic scientists have had a closer look at the remains of the five men who were killed. Their findings have tended to collaborate many of Packers assertions of his innocence. In a modern court of law with forensic evidence at his disposal, Packer most likely could have established reasonable doubt.

In a remote Chinese desert, archeologists have discovered several 3,000-year-old mummies. Most of the specimens have been perfectly preserved. The mummies have blue eyes and long blonde hair. They do not appear to be ancestors of the modern Chinese people. Forth-coming forensic exploration and DNA studies hope to uncover who these people were and where they originated.

A debate over the possible remains of Christ&Mac226;s most notable disciple, Peter has been raging in the Christian and scientific communities for over fifty years. The Pope has declared that the remains of Peter have been found under the basilica of Saint Peter in Rome. The archaeological investigation engaged the talents of scientists, historians and linguists for over twenty-five years. However, the data, methods and conclusions of those involved are still hotly debated and controversial.

Morbid Curiosity

Sky City Productions
Segment Examples

Recent Discoveries and Examination of bodies and bones

As a young professor William M. Bass III went to his dean at the University of Tennessee and asked for a „place to put some dead bodies.‰ The dean granted the young professors unusual request and the now legendary ŒBody Farm&Mac226; was born. The facilities formal name is the Anthropology Research Facility but the locals call it the Bass Anthropology Research Facility (BARF). The farm has bodies buried in shallow graves, soaked in water, locked in car trunks and scattered nude on the grounds. There is no other place like it in the world. Most of the core information forensic scientists all over the world use to determine the time of a cadaver&Mac226;s death has emerged from the Body Farm. More than 200 human bodies have decayed under almost every conceivable circumstance on the farm&Mac226;s three acres.

Bodies and artifacts keep turning up in North and South America that just don&Mac226;t belong. Archaeologists have had to throw out the book on what they originally thought about the life and peoples of the early Americas. Tools have been unearthed that look remarkably similar to those found in France and the Iberian Peninsula. Also, the earliest of these tools and mummies have been found in the Southeast ^ not the Northwest. This evidence flies in the face of the long held theory that the first Americans came across from Asia and down from Alaska. The history of the Americas is being rewritten but with an old theme. It seems the New World welcomed a variety of peoples and was a melting pot as long as 11,000 years ago.

In 1818, William L. Long, one of Fenton, Missouri&Mac226;s first settlers discovered a number of early American graves on his land. The graves were short, from two to four feet long and scientist of the time believed them to be from a race of small men or dwarves. For many years travelers would stop by to see the graves and for a while the good people of Fenton charged admission for the privilege. The burials today are known as stone ^box graves. The Indians left their dead exposed to the elements until nothing was of the corpse but bones. The bones would then be bundled into the short stone slab graves.
Morbid Curiosity

Sky City Productions
Segment Examples

Contemporary and Historical Death Rituals and Ceremonies

The Western cultural traditions of seeing your life pass before your eyes and witnessing a bright light upon death are also found in the Tibetan Buddhist traditions. The monks believe that the personality goes into a trance for four days after the body dies. At the end of this period, the dead person will see a bright light. If the dead person embraces the Clear Light, they will not experience a rebirth. If the light scares the dead person then they begin a second stage wherein all they have done and thought pass in front of them. This experience creates a longing for another body to possess. In the third and final stage, the dead person searches for new parents who will create a new body for them to be reborn.

It is said the Japanese Zen Buddhist Masters sometimes know when they are about to die. Zen Master Hofaku called his monks together and told them, „This last week my energy has been draining ^ no cause for worry. It is just that I am about to die. On of his monks replied, „You are about to die! What does that mean? We will go on living. And what does that mean? „They are both the way of things, the master Hofaku replied. „But how can I understand such different states, the young monk pleaded. The master answered, ŒWhen it rains it pours, and then he calmly passed away.

Another Tibetan Buddhist ritual is the sky burial. The dead body is taken to a platform surrounded by prayer flags, high on a ridge. The Tomden, a yogin-butcher, slices the body from head to toe, exposing the flesh to the bones. The smell of the decaying flesh attracts vultures. To aid the vultures with their meal the Tomden walks among them and dismembers the corpse, scattering the bones to the ravenous birds of prey. Finally, the Tomden crushes the skull, brains and all, into a powder, which is fed to the vultures. The purpose of the Sky Burial is to utilize the dead persons body to benefit other living things.

Morbid Curiosity

Sky City Productions
Segment Examples

Contemporary stories of strange deaths and
strange ways of dying

In Aokigahara, a dense wood at the foot of Mount Fuji, a record number of corpses have recently been found among the trees. The Complete Manual of Suicide, which has sold over 1.2 million copies, has been blamed for the recent deaths. The gruesome tome describes ten methods of self-slaughter and compares them in terms of pain, speed and disfigurement. This cutting edge self help book is illustrated with charts, maps and recommendations for the best spots to die. This suicide for dummies book lists Aokigaharaas the „perfect place to die.‰ Last year seventy-four readers decided to check out the books recommendation of the serene woods.

Patricia Kay McCleary married, died and gave birth, in that order, all in less than twenty-four hours. Patricia married Rick McCleary on Sat. Nov. 27th and suffered a brain aneurysm shortly after the ceremony. She was airlifted to Duluth and delivered her baby boy, Rock, after she was declared brain dead. The child was born almost three months premature but survived in good health.

Ramon Navarro, a silent movie Latin lover whose popularity was eclipsed only by Valentino, came to a strange death straight out of the movie A Clock Work Orange. In his day Navarro made women faint in theatres all across the country. By 1968, he was a retired movie star who wrote over 140 checks to male prostitutes in the last six months of his life. The end came for Navarro after a wild night of drugs and alcohol with two destitute male prostitutes in his home. One of the men took Navarro&Mac226;s walking stick and beat him to death while dancing nude around the bedroom. By the tie the attack was over the entire room was covered in blood from ceiling to floor.

Morbid Curiosity

Sky City Productions

program format

*Morbid Curiosity is an hour long narrated, scientifically and historically based magazine series.

*Each episode will explore within a narrowly defined topic:
· Fascinating corpse adventure stories
· Recent forensic exploration of Historical Figures
· Recent Discoveries and Examination of bodies and bones
· Contemporary and Historical Death Rituals and Ceremonies
· Contemporary stories of strange deaths and strange ways of death


60 sec. Open

2:00 min. Introduction of topic in general terms

Such topics include: death and the human head; technology and death; murder mysteries; and history uncovered.


Morbid Curiosity
Sky City Productions


7:00 min. Fascinating Corpse Adventure Stories

Stories relate to individual episode’s topic. Examples include: Corpses for Sale; Guanajuato, Mexico's multi-room museum of death; Titanic:the bodies; and the Blonde- haired, Blue-eyed Mysterious Mummies of China

:60 sec. Break Bumper
Narrated famous death-related quotes. A few examples:
The gods conceal from men the happiness of death, that they may endure life.

I look at life as a gift of God. Now that he wants it back I have no right to complain.
---Joyce Cary

It is good to die before one has done anything deserving death.

I am ready to meet my Maker. Whether my Maker is prepared for the great ordeal of meeting me is another matter.
-Winston Churchill


Morbid Curiosity
Sky City Productions


60 sec. Break Bumper

6:30 min. Recent Forensic Exploration of Historical Figures

For example:

University College Dublin, Ireland search for
The Bones of Saint Peter.

Authorities cut of the head of the dread pirate Blackbeard and paraded it through the ports of North Carolina and Virginia and finally stuck it on a pole on the banks of the Hampton River as a warning to other pirates. It later reputedly served as the base of a punch bowl at Raleigh Tavern in Williamsburg, Virginia.

:60 sec break bumper


Morbid Curiosity
Sky City Productions


7:30 min. Recent Discoveries and Examination of bodies and bones

For example:
TUCSON, Ariz. - Bones that a Tucson man found in the desert and brought home for his
Halloween display were from two human bodies, authorities say.

The Body Farmer
Bill Bass' Studies of the Dead Molded Forensic Anthropology

1:00 min. Break Bumper


Morbid Curiosity
Sky City Productions


1:00 min. Break Bumper

6:30 min. Contemporary and Historical Death Rituals and Ceremonies

Russian peasants did not cease to fear the dead and protect themselves by magic. But, they also tried to placate the
deceased, praising him and honoring him with offerings.

Greek and Roman mourners often gave grave gifts, including pottery, jewelry, and glassware (at death, a prosperous family might bury all its glassware with the deceased and start over). These gifts were said to ease
the transition into the afterlife and provided nourishment there.

1:00 min. Break Bumper


Morbid Curiosity
Sky City Productions


7:00 min. Contemporary stories of strange deaths and strange ways of death

BUFFALO, NY — An investigation has found a 17- year-old girl died after an operation to remove a giant hairball from her stomach, the result of her habit of chewing her hair.

SAN DIEGO, CA--A doctor was ordered to stand trial for allegedly killing a
patient who died after his healthy leg was amputated. The patient suffered from
apotemnophilia, a sexual desire to have a limb removed.



60 sec. Conclusion

30 sec. Credits and disclaimers

Morbid Curiosity
Sky City Productions

Production Design

Breaker bumps:
a mummy unravels to reveal a the text as the narrator reads.

Each documentary style segment will open with a graphic that illustrates the segment. A door in the picture opens to the next graphic, or the mummy upravels to reveal the first graphic, etc. For example: the story about the girl with the hair ball starts with a massive ball of hair. One hair is pulled and like a big ball of yarn, eventually the hair is pulled away to reveal the first graphic in the story.

Morbid Curiosity
Sky City Productions

13 episodes

Episode 1:
Working For a Living?

Morbid Curoisity explores work related death stories. Focusing on adventure stories of corpses in the workplace, discoveries of bones and bodies on the job and strange work related death stories.

Episode 2:
So, Molly tells us you’re a cannibal...

Canabalism has long been the subject of fiction, but as Morbid Curiosity discovered, this fearsome lifestyle is absolutely real and in fact not restricted to remote jungle tribes.

Episode 3:
The bleeding edge of Technology

Without a doubt, technology has changed the way we live. But being on the cutting edge of what’s new in technology is a two edged sword. In fact, technology is not only changing how we live, but now technology is changing the way we die. That’s what we call being on the bleeding edge.

Episode 4:
If it weren’t for bad luck...

There are some people that seem to simply attract bad luck. For many of these unlucky people life is just one horrific event after another. Morbid Curiosity explores the world of death by bad luck. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time has higher stakes than ever.

Episode 5:
One foot in his mouth the other in the grave

Humankind’s ability to demonstrate their own stupidity never ceases to amaze. ‘Nuff said.

Episode 6:
Oh stop! You’re killing me!

In most cases death is a very solomn event. But in these stories Morbid Curiosity finds humor and irony. Funny death stories: not an oxymoron any more.

Episode 7:
Only the good die young

It’s always a tragedy when a young person’s life is cut short. But in truth, these are often the most intriging and facinating stories. Teens who play a strange version of Russian Roulette. You know, it’s the one-player version.

Episode 8:
Oh How the Mighty Fall

It is said that celebrities and hisotrical figures put their pants on just like the rest of us: one leg at a time. A lesser known addidge: Celebrities die just like we do, they just look better doing it.

Episode 9:
Wouldn’t wish this on a Dog- animal related stories

To many people pets are an intrigal part of their family life. Still, these little friends are merely animals. None-the-less, we wouldn’t wish these death stories on a dog.

Episode 10:
Odds and Endings

There are important stories that are so strange that they defy categorization. These are some of those stories.

Episode 11:
If God would have meant for men to fly...

Religion and death have always been linked, but rarely in this manner. Morbid Curiosity explores the facinating world of cult suicides that leads this episode’s subjects to “Heaven’s Gates”, so to speak.

Episode 12:
That’ll be nineteen ninety-five. Would you like a police escort with that?

Funeral rituals and rites of burial have been associated with death for as long as man has lived. But as cathartic and helpful as funerals can be, they also host some of the strangest and most morbid corpse adventure stories, and odd forensic discoveries in history.

Episode 13:
Paging Dr. Killdear...

Medicine is know as the healing art. Unforunately, as with most things, where there is the potential for healing, there is an equal potential for harm.

Episode 14:
It’s my party, I’ll cryonic I want to ...

Cryogenics: it’s not just for Science Fiction movies anymore. The science has caught up to the fictional stories. Or has it? Morbid Curiosity investigates death for the sake of life ever after.

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