8 Ball Characters
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The year 2000 was very fruitful for Permapress Multimedia! Along with developing shows on assignment for several production companies, we were able to develop a lot of material in house as well.
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Operation:Desert Dog


Jim just found out that he has been called into active duty in the Persian Gulf. But Jim's got a big problem; he has no one who can take care of his dog. So with the help of his platoon Jim smuggles his dog along with him. They call it, Operation:Desert Dog.

Eight Ball

When Ida's family moves to a new town, she doesn't exactly fit in. But the discovery of an old eight ball that tells the future could change everything! Ida and her friends Gracie and Ben have to figure out the clues from the 8 Ball and then make sure that tragedy doesn't strike!

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The future is here. Cyborgs have “evolved”. Computers are sentient. The war has begun and eliminating mankind is their first objective.
Judgment Day has happened and a small group of rebels is humanity’s only hope of survival. As they battle the Cyborg army, the rebels must fight for their freedom, their future, and their humanity.
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The Dark Siders are a special team of detectives who fight against ritual killings and occult-driven crimes.
Everyone wants to live forever. Scientists are racing to extend life and to avoid the inevitable...death. But Dr. Craig Madsen has figured out a way to condense life. He can impart a lifetime of experiences to his patient in just a matter of hours. There’s just one hitch. All his patients die.