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21st Century Spas is a 30 minute series that offers an educational and entertaining look into the new and evolving trends in Destination and Resort Spas. This half hour magazine series, sponsored by Northwest Airlines and produced by L.A. based Keen Eye Pictures is currently in production.

Morbid Curiosity

Clearly, we are all fascinated by death and the ceremony and circumstances that surround it. Often the best stories begin with a dead body, an autopsy, a burial or a cemetery. It is these grisly mysteries, people, places and things that make up the compelling tales of this series. Developed on Demand for Sky City, this magazine series explores the gripping realm of death. Sky City has offices in D.C. and in Florida.

Cat Calls

Created and developed for Murphy Entertainment Group, CatCalls brings together cats and their owners for a hilarious and unpredictable half-hour game show. Cat Calls blends elements from "Funniest Home Videos," "Jeopardy" and "ZIG and ZAG" to create a unique and new game show format. This original game show concept is currently in development at Animal Planet. Murphy Entertainment Group is based in Madison, WI.

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News placeholder Destination: OZ

Destination: Oz, a three part series developed for Otherworld Productions, follows one couple through an amazing world-wide scavenger hunt that culminates in Australia. Nicola and Angelo have exactly one week to go to14 cities around the world overcoming obstacles, completing challenges, solving clues and generally going on a huge scavenger hunt, that ends in Australia! If they don’t make it in time, they get nothing save the adventure. But if they do this crazy scavenger hunt and make it to Australia in one week’s time, they win one million dollars!

What would you do?

Nicola and Angelo went to Oz!