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Everyone wants to live forever. Scientists are racing to extend life and to avoid the inevitable...death. But Dr. Craig Madsen has figured out a way to condense life. He can impart a lifetime of experiences to his patient in just a matter of hours. There’s just one hitch. All his patients die.

On the children’s oncology ward, a seven year old girl lays dying of leukemia. She seems wise well beyond her years.

A grandmother lays dying in her bed at home. She holds her newborn grandson, reminiscing with him about things that will never happen. But her family knows that she isn’t delusional.

After a terrible car accident, a young wife holds her dying husband. The man and his wife are given a chance to live the life that they promised to one another. They experience the remainder of their life together in the last few minutes of his time on earth.

Some say he’s a miracle worker, other say he perpetrates the worst kind of fraud: giving false hope to the weak. The FBI says he’s wanted for murder in 14 different states.

This series is actually three stories that run parallel. The story of our hero, Dr. Craig Madsen, who is wanted by the FBI. The stories of the people he encounters, who are the verge of losing everything. And the story of those who would exploit this powerful discovery to further their own goals. Dr. Madsen is determined not to let any of this happen. Dr. Madsen is the Time Keeper.